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  • 21 Sep 2015
  • We offer a different type of consulting service. Pathfinder has some of the best industry experts in their field and offers unique access to specialist expertise and analysis. We can work with you as a team with your client, either directly with HMRC or invisibly in the background, assisting with advice and managing the complexities…


  • 21 Sep 2015
  • From PAYE inspections and VAT audit visits through to full CDF investigations, a company will face a range of challenges from HMRC. Any detailed enquiry will often involve a review of the tax affairs of the directors and controlling shareholders. We regularly work with other professionals to assist and provide advice to all parties on…

    Tax Payers

  • 21 Sep 2015
  • Our services focus on your needs for advice on enquiries, investigations or disclosures. Do you need a second opinion or simply want to talk the issues through? We will work with you on the strategy and tactics necessary to give you the best possible outcome. We are never judgemental, and always looking to give the…