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  • 7 Sep 2015

    Our services focus on your need for advice on enquiries, investigations or disclosures. We are expert strategists and technicians helping our clients to successfully address the most complex challenges and building solutions to help.

    Our 25 years of experience in this marketplace, allows us the confidence and the knowledge that the facts when presented correctly in the right legal framework, will minimise the tax liabilities and fast track the settlement. We will work with you on the strategy and tactics necessary to give you the best possible outcome, in the quickest timeframe achievable.

    At the heart of what we do is to help you focus on the real issues. Achieving such focus enables us to identify the most effective strategy and find the quickest route to success.


    HMRC has concentrated on increasing the number of inspectors it employs, and this in conjunction with the use of sophisticated data mining methods means, now more than ever, individuals who are working on a contract basis need to have the relevant professional support to respond to a tax enquiry quickly.

    PTS Limited offers extensive administration support to contractor clients who require the administration support to handle the paperwork of their enquiry. PTS Limited has extensive experience in offering tax enquiry support to contractors who have structured their earnings through loan based tax planning or other payroll solutions. Through the support offered many individuals have been helped with the burden of corresponding with HMRC. Working with the client, the nature of the enquiry is identified and PTS will outline the likely steps in the process. Providing such support gives the client confidence that the steps being taken are correct and can respond to the situation quickly.

    PTS has developed the SafeBox service. SafeBox will provide you with assistance to understand the requests made by HMRC so that they can respond in an appropriate and timely manner. If you are a contractor and are overwhelmed by how to respond to an Enquiry please read our SafeBox information to understand more about this invaluable service. Download our Safebox information here.

    Clients Who Use Our Services

    Tax Payers

    Our services focus on your needs for advice on enquiries, investigations or disclosures.

    Do you need a second opinion or simply want to talk the issues through?

    We will work with you on the strategy and tactics necessary to give you the best possible outcome.

    We are never judgemental, and always looking to give the best result for you.


    From PAYE inspections and VAT audit visits through to full CDF investigations, a company will face a range of challenges from HMRC. Any detailed enquiry will often involve a review of the tax affairs of the directors and controlling shareholders.

    We regularly work with other professionals to assist and provide advice to all parties on the correct way forward.

    The most obvious paths are not always the best, particularly in complex corporate positions.


    We offer a different type of consulting service. Pathfinder has some of the best industry experts in their field and offers unique access to specialist expertise and analysis.

    We can work with you as a team with your client, either directly with HMRC or invisibly in the background, assisting with advice and managing the complexities of the case.

    Alternatively, we can offer a second opinion or to talk an issue through, try giving us a call.

    There is always a solution.

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